Welcome To Dark0de Market Official Website

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Market Status: ONLINE.

Dark0de Market Description:

Dark0de is a marketplace that combines everything you need to conduct business on the Darknet. Never again will you have to switch platforms or services and compromise on convenience or safety.

Dark0de name legacy:

We have developed Dark0de to be the legacy of one of the best platforms on the Darknet. Loyal to the name we wanted to bring Dark0de into the future by developing a new platform with features , functions, design, categories and more, that no other market has. This is why our team has chosen to adopt the Dark0de name and show that this name will stand for a high quality platform and a high quality team. We will do everything within our power to make sure Dark0de has a solid future for her vendors and buyers.

Dark0de Security:

– Late May we had a pen test done which resulted in a 0 event report by No safety threats were found.
– We have a bug bounty program you can find it on our homepage.
– We have also done internal pen tests.
– Highly secure hot and cold wallet systems where we isolate the funds.
– Uniquely developed Dark0de Captcha’s throughout the market.

Dark0de Vendor Bonds:

– Basic Vendor
– Gold Vendor
– Diamond Vendor

You can find the vendor bonds and all options included via the top menu, the footer or go to: /vendorapplication . Right now we are still offering free vendor bonds > Add the same vendor PGP, Enable 2FA and create a ticket for support to get your account upgraded.

Dark0de Market Features:

Bitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR):
You can add Bitcoin and Monero to your onboard wallets. ( you can use BTC to pay for listing or change XMR to BTC for more safety).

Coin Mixer(Coming Soon):
No need to go to third party platforms anymore. Stay safe with the Dark0de Coin Mixer.

Coin Exchange:
Need BTC or XMR instead of what you have now? You can shift your coins on Dark0de Market.

Basic, Gold and Diamond Vendor Bonds:
We offer 3 kinds of vendor bond; Basic, Gold, Diamond Bonds. The bonds have different options.

FE Vendor Bond (pending terms met):
If you have been awarded FE on a previous market we can grant it as well. Each case will be judged individually.

Powerful Vendor Dashboard with Visualised detailed sales and (forecast) graphs:
We offer a Vendor Sales dashboard with detailed, monthly, data on sales. It features % of new and returning customers, top listings and much more to help you with marketing and sales forecasting.

Dead-Drop orders:
Vendors can now also create Dead Drop listings (next to traditional listings that are shipped through global mail.)

Centralised Escrow and FE Payment:
Vendors can create Escrow and FE listings based on their vendor status. To earn FE ( if not granted based on previous sales) you will need 250 sales on Dark0de + a rating of 4.90 or above.

MultiSig Payments:
Dark0de also features full MultiSig payments for more safety. Dark0de is about making money not losing it.

Direct Payments:
Dark0de also features Direct Payment support. No need to deposit first to your market wallet anymore and still get all the benefits from Escrow!

Buyer Requests (for the buyers) :
Buyers can create request listings on which vendors can bid. The buyer can choose the vendor he/she trusts the most to complete the order.

Buyer Requests (for the vendors):
Vendors can bid on buyer product requests. This enables vendors to have more control over creating new business for themselves and it enables new vendors to get a kickstart in their business.

Extensive (all new) categories:
We have added significantly more categories to our market that we feel our buyers may be interested in.

Market Light Mode
Originally we chose for a dark color scheme for our market but many users requested Dark0de to also have a light version of the market. We have now implemented a Dark and Light mode. The Dark mode has the original Dark0de color scheme while the light mode transforms the market into a more neutral and lighter color scheme. Every user can now access it by going to their account drop-down menu (top right) and select either Light or Dark mode, depending in which mode they currently are.

Expanded overall currency selection
We have added more currencies to view the market in. All Dark0de users can now view the market in the following currencies:

  • USD
  • CAD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • RUB
  • AUD
  • NZD

If you require additional currencies, please let us know.

Upgraded Notification Center
For additional actions regarding your account we have upgraded the notification center to provide a quick overview of important things that need your attention on the market. For vendors this also means a quick and easy overview of newly received orders. This feature was previously in beta, we have added new notification actions and have the fixed non read bug.

We have expanded the option to now add emojies and icons to listing titles. We want to give vendors the option to make their listings more unique!

Order Counter in Shoppingcart
For buyers we have now added a live order counter and is viewable on the top right corner of your screens. The shopping cart automatically updates this when new orders are placed in the shopping cart.

True formatting
We have adjusted the formatting of product descriptions and profile guidelines to be in line with the rest of the market. We will soon implement further characters and emojies.

Sales Dashboard
The sales dashboard has moved from BETA to Final state. We have added an improved % of buyers graph showing exactly how much buyers you retain and how much new buyers you attract. This will help vendors manage their marketing activities even better.

Buyers Watch-list
Add product to your watch-list to save them. You can either follow these products or buy them at a later time.

And much more!

We also implement feedback from Empire Market, Dream Market, Dark Market, Wallstreet Market, Whitehouse Market, TradeRoute, SilkRoad, AlphaBay, WhiteHouseMarket and Hydra.